Wiltshire's Dark Skies Away from towns and cities, Honeystreet is the perfect place to observe the night sky far from artificial light pollution and interference.
Wiltshire Astronomical Society Founded in 1995, the Wiltshire Astronomical Society is a great way to get involved with your local astronomy community. A thriving club catering for all aspects of astronomy, from visual to imaging, radio to armchair.
Education The building of the Honeystreet Observatory will bring the awe inspiring nature of Space to visitors young and old; with a range of talks, observing nights and workshops.
The Barge Inn The observatory will be situated in the grounds of the historic canal side pub, the Barge Inn.
“Possibly the only pub in the country endorsed by Camra, the Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute and the Rolling Stones”
(The Guardian)
Crop Circles “The Barge indeed is Crop Circle Central – there’s even Croppie ale for sale – and circle aficionados arrive to camp here from all over the world..."
(Sunday Telegraph)
Earth Speaks “If we discover intelligent life beyond Earth, should we reply, and if so, what should we say?”

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ZOOINVERSE Scientists are combing our galaxy looking for stars that could be harbouring planet-forming disks. They need your help!
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Introducing The Honeystreet Observatory Introduction

Welcome to the Honeystreet Observatory and, if all goes according to plan (or rather, planning permission), it will be built in the campsite behind the “most famous pub in the Universe" ...where else!

Some pubs have dart boards, some pubs have skittle alleys, some have Sky Sports. But how many have a purpose built Observatory housing a research quality telescope, beaming live pictures from Space directly into the bar? Well the answer is none, until now...

The Honeystreet Observatory Proposed design
"The easiest way to get to the Barge Inn is by UFO. Exit intergalactic space at the Milky Way, follow the signs to the solar system, hang a right at Mars, and over Wiltshire zero in on the cluster of crop circles. (If you are coming from Earth, follow the canal west of Pewsey and it is the ninth bridge on the left.) You can't miss the pub."
(Daily Telegraph)
Live Honeystreet Star Map Updates when the webpage is refreshed.
current night sky over Honeystreet
Sky map by AstroViewer®
See what's in the night sky above Honeystreet.
Telescope Celestron CGE Pro 1400 HD
The most widely used research quality telescope.
Aerial view of the Barge Inn & Campsite
NASA Image of the day

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Hubble’s Hunting Dog Galaxy

Tucked away in the small northern constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs) is the galaxy NGC 4242.

Enhanced Color Panorama Above 'Perseverance Valley' on Mars

Toward the right side of this enhanced-color scene is a broad notch in the crest of the western rim of Endeavour Crater on Mars....

Planning a holiday to Mars? Better check the weather.
On the bar at the Barge Inn